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2020 A Year of Vision

As the new year approaches, I’ve been pondering on my word. I don’t do resolutions, but I do pick a word to set my mind for the new year, something to center myself around and keep me working toward.

At first, the word focus spoke to me, and in many ways it still does. There are so many things I need to divert my attention in the upcoming months. Grad school starts in about two weeks and I’m so very nervous. No doubt, it will require a ton of focus.

Aside from this, I am currently working on my second novel and would love to have a rough draft complete by the end of February. This, too, requires my thoughts, my devotion, my time.

Then, there’s my family. Since my little daddy passed away nearly two years ago, my heart has focused on the loss. I don’t want to do that in the new year. Instead, I want to focus on the love of those I still have in my life.

In short, focus has weighed heavy on me.

Focus on the love instead of the loss. Focus on the dream instead of the despair. Focus on the present instead of the past. Focus on the now instead of the never. Focus on the joy instead of the junk. Focus on the better instead of the bitter. Focus on God instead of the gloom.

God. How do I focus on Him? With prayer, with everyday actions, with reading His word.  And what does His word say about focus?

After church today, that was the question bouncing around my head. Tonight, I searched the it, the word that has been hovering in my headspace for the last week and what I found shocked me. What does the Bible say about focus?

Nothing. Not a single thing.

This threw a wrench in my plan. I don’t want to waste my time and plan my year around a word that God Himself doesn’t use a single time in scripture. Instead of scrapping the thought, altogether, though, I wanted to dive in deeper.

What does one need to focus? Eyes, sight, a focal point. A vision.


That’s what you have to have to focus. Eagerly, I typed this word in the search bar and hit enter. The showcased verse that popped up did not disappoint. It was, ironically, Habakukk 2:2 and said:

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

That’s what I want to do. To see with perfect 20/20 vision in the year 2020, write down what God reveals on the tables of my heart, and run, fast and furious, head down and hard toward the high mark He has called me to.


It’s my word, my goal, and my prayer for the year. Beyond doubt, I know if I stay within God’s will, He will sharpen my focus and fulfill the calling He’s placed on my life, all the while doing so with a heart of contentment.

❤ Like Baby Bear Soup

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