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Grace & Mercy

I heard a preacher on the radio give a wonderful definition for grace and mercy today. He said, “Grace is getting what we don’t deserve. Mercy is not getting what we do deserve.” I just had to share it. For the longest time, I was angry with God. In fact, I let my heart absorb that anger until bitterness overtook my very core. I couldn’t get better for being bitter. I couldn’t get over the loss of my mother because I allowed the grief and all emotions that go with it to consume me. It wasn’t until God called my name again, however, that I could see what my problem was. He taught me a very important lesson, one that I’m not apt to forget. You can only hold on to one emotion at a time. You can’t be happy and sad at the same time. You have to choose which one you want to hold on to. I was filled with bitterness so hope had no room to grow. When hope has no room grow, Jesus has no place to stay in our heart, for He is the very hope we have. I learned that it’s okay to be sad, to be angry, to grieve, but we must feel it and let it go. Otherwise, we absorb it like a sponge and leave no room for joy, for hope, for faith, or even love. And if there’s no room for love, there’s no room for God, for He is love. I am thankful that He bestowed upon me grace and mercy. He gave me a hope like I’ve never known, and He spared me from the destruction that I so deserved. I am blessed so much more than I deserve, even though at times I forget. I forget what my just deserts truly should be. I am unworthy. But, thankfully, He doesn’t give me what I deserve. Rather, He dresses me as His daughter, a princess in His kingdom, and He clothes me with His mercy and grace. There is no attire more beautiful than His. Though my sins were as scarlet, He washed them whiter than snow. Though I deserved death, He gave me hope. Though I am nothing, He gave His all.

And made my life,

❤ Like Baby Bear Soup

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