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Love Come Softly

Love come softly, Swiftly, Ever still.

Wrap me, Tightly all around. Tuck me in the warmth, Better felt than told. Bewitch me, Mind, body, And soul. Capture my heart, Over and over, Again.

Remind me anew, That grace still, Abounds.

Teach me to take, One day at a time, To treasure, And cherish, Every smile, Renew in me, A feeling once lost. Compel my heart, To beat, Again.

And again, And again, And again!

Whisper to me, Of the joy of forever, Of goodness and being, Of the light shinning, Brightly. Light that is ever so near, To warm incessantly, A heart too easily, Cooled. Love come softly.

Silently, But strong, Like a mighty, rushing wind.

Blow away all loneliness, That once encapsulated, My very, Being. When all was lost, No hope to be found. When darkness reigned, And joy! Joy was but just a Memory…

Remind me, Of how fragile, A heart can be.

Reminisce with me, Again, How love once felt, Can never be Forgotten. Let memories rise, And surpass my sorrow, Overcome my pain, And envelope my Heart.

Recall with me, That which makes life, Livable.

Soft touches, And sweet gestures, Morning sunlight, Through open windows. Long gazes, With deep embraces. And the peace that comes With nightfall. Moreover, still, Strength.

Let love’s strength, Echo within the walls Of my heart.

Until my dying day, Let my heart’s desire be, Nothing more or less, Then for love, To  hold me high, And around me fall! For love, To live out in me, It’s incandescent joy! Hear my plea…

Love, Sweet love! Love come softly.

#Hope #Love #Poetry

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