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My Favorite Thing to Wear

Mother’s Day has come and gone for yet another year. I made it through better than I usually do. Last night, it was hard to sleep, though. The wave of memories came, like always, and I couldn’t help but cry a little. After the tears, though, a smile for today. I’m thankful for those memories. Oh, so thankful! Mom, it’s a day late, but this is for you. Until we meet again

My Favorite Thing to Wear

Sometime I wear your memory like a necklace, On display for all the world to see. The chain hugs my neck, Where your arms used to be.

Sometimes I wear your memory like a coat, Keeping me warm from the winter chill, I wrap it all around me, And your memory almost feels real.

Sometimes I wear your memory like a ghost, One that follows close behind, Like that song I just can’t stop singing, You’re always floating ‘round in my mind.

Sometimes I wear your memory like a smile, Maybe even the same small laugh line. And in these moments I am still yours, And you, you are still mine.

Sometimes I wear your memory like a tear, Starting small and ending great, When the grief washes over me anew, These are the days I have come to hate.

Sometimes I wear your memory like glasses, Focusing on all the good I can see, For that’s how you daily looked at life, I remember, that’s how you looked at me.

Sometimes I wear your memory like an ocean, And a smile replaces my frown, For the waves of your love knock me to and fro, And I pray right there to drown.

Your memory changes in my heart day to day, And yet, always stays the same, Same sweet smile and loving voice from childhood, How I long to hear you say my name!

You memory may change, but wear it always I do, And I am better for the wear, It is my gift, for to walk without it, That, my dear mother, I could not bear.

❤ Like Baby Bear Soup

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