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Somewhere along the way during childhood, we are taught to share our name. With everyone. The cashier at the grocery store, the preacher on Sunday morning, the little boy we meet in the sand box. It is information we are taught to freely share. In most jobs I can think of, we are made to wear an ID tag, or badge, or have a card set in front of us to let everyone who meets us that day know our name.

My name is somewhat complicated, though. My name by birth is not what I am called in everyday life. It got shortened by my dear Mama a long time ago, and that is what I go by to this day.

My name is Beth.

I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend. I am also a dreamer, a singer, and a writer. And a _(fill in the blank)_. My role has shifted throughout my twenty nine years on planet earth and continues to shift day in and day out. There are things, however, that have stayed constant.

My passion for words and what they can do is my baseline, my starting point. Home, if you will. I did not start this blog just so others could read my work. Or so I could share life lessons that God continues to teach me. That was one reason, but the reason it started was so that I could practice contentment, as I am called to do so by the Apostle Paul. I, like a lot of people, get so caught up in what the future holds, I forget to enjoy the present. I wanted to have a place to remind me of my blessings and joys, a place to shed my insecurities and weakness, and a place to reminisce the memories I so desperately desire to hold onto. That was the starting reason.

However, since starting this blog, I have discovered that another reason, a reason just as important, is that blogging allows me to immerse myself in literature again. Since I’ve had my son, who is now 18 months and counting, I haven’t read like I wanted to. I haven’t written like I want to. I’ve been wrapped up in those two blue eyes and button nose, when I’m not working my forty to forty four hours a week. I throw in some sleep for good measure, and occasionally some laundry and housework. All in all, though, not a lot of time for anything else.

This blog rekindles my spirit, reinspires my soul, and helps me to keep my heart full. Reading and writing does that for me. And if it does that for you, too, I hope you will join me.

❤ Like Baby Bear Soup

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